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April 21, 2003 - 10:21 p.m.

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My father's two favorite things to watch on television are MSNBC's war coverage, and American Idol. I think that they may be the same show.

As to last night's predictions about work today. Yes, I had nothing to do. However, Dean Wormer and Neidermeyer weren't in court long. Unfortunately, when they got back, they didn't assign anything to me. It's the problem of being too busy to delegate work.

No, they didn't try to talk me out of quitting. Neidermeyer talked to me first, telling me that Dean Wormer said that he was upset that I was leaving. Dean Wormer, however, merely wished me well. He did apologize for the surprise trial (Dean Wormer is Decker in that story. I have problems with names). He says he was sure he asked me to do that before he left, but that in the stressful week before his vacation, maybe he didn't remember it correctly.

There is this stupid part of me that requires ego-stroking, and wishes that they would have tried to convince me not to quit. In the end, though, I'm glad I was spared of that because I'm still very frustrated with the office, and it would have ended up in an argument.

In other news, someone has commandeered my e-mail account to send spam. I can expect no help in resolving this problem. I reported it both to my service provider, and the service provider of some of the people who got the spam sent from my account. The latter sent back an automated reply promising me that they will make a full investigation, but I shouldn't be surprised to never hear from them about the issue again. So that's promising.

If someone else is using my account, there's the possibility that they are reading my e-mail. But the joke's on them, because all I ever get is spam.

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