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May 19, 2003 - 10:15 p.m.

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Usually it's depression, but occasionally it's mania.

After killing myself over the past month working on papers for classes, I just had to check today to see what my grades are. Usually I take a non-chalant, the-grades-aren't-important-it's-the-learning, attitude, and don't even bother to check my grades for months. But I worked hard this semester, I just had to see what came of it.

Three classes, three A's.

And none of that A- bull either. Three honest-to-God A's.

That usually doesn't get me excited, but I worked hard, and I was only expecting one A, because really, two of my final papers weren't that good. I even got an A from a professor who has a reputation for grading low.

Woo hoo, I kick ass!

So that sets the tone for the day.

I tried to print out a letter, using my new computer and my old printer, and I spent an hour getting it to work. First WordPerfect wouldn't print anything. Then, my computer kept crashing when I booted it. After wasting an hour, I finally figured out that my scanner and printer are in conflict. Took out the scanner, the printer worked.

On another day, I would have thought that it's a huge rip-off that every Windows refuses to use my old software and hardware, because Microsoft wants me to spend, spend, spend.

But today (and was exclaiming it all too):

Ya ha! I got it to print! I rock!

Then after I finally printed out the letter, I used my mother's new home copying machine for the first time.

Kick ass! I made copies! I'm on a complete roll!

After wasting my morning with one letter, I had to check my voice mail for messages. I dread that so much, because if there's a message, that means someone wants me to call them. And I hate talking on the phone. Especially some clients.

No new messages.

Yes! I totally rule!

Usually it's depression, but occasionally it's mania.

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