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September 13, 2003 - 8:45 p.m.

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Well, I haven't been updating my diary. Every day, for the past however long it's been, I've been thinking of something I wanted to write in my diary. But I haven't done it. My energy level over the past few months has just been incredibly low. It might be depression, it might be that I can't handle life. I don't know. But what it comes down to is that I just don't feel like doing anything. I don't feel like writing, I don't feel like working, I don't feel like leaving the house, I don't feel like masturbating. All I do is think about the things that I should be doing.

So here's a brief catch-up. My semester has started again, and I just have my thesis left to do. I'm pushing to finish it this semester, though I think it's far too much work for me to do. Normally, the thesis is a two-semester process, and my research topic just really needs more time. When I talked to my advisor last month about my options, thinking he'd give me options that didn't involve me doing a thesis in an impossibly short period of time, he was gung ho about me getting the thesis done. Given the short period of time I have to work on it, I should be doing a lot more every day. But I haven't yet. I have been making all my deadlines that have popped up (writing a proposal, getting it approved by the committee, throwing together enough of the research design to be considered by the board that approves research in time). The one alternative I would have is stretching it out over two semesters, but that means I would have to engage in either (a) practicing law again to make money or (b) mooch off of my parents another year, and neither of those options is acceptable. I really want to get the thesis done this year, get my degree, and move on to life is a productive member of society. (Though my advisor also wants me to get a doctorate next- so much school.)

I had a birthday, so I'm 33 now. I feel like Chris Elliot in Get a Life.

I crossed over to the Dark Side. After spending years representing abused women in court, Hoover convinced me to help him defend one of his clients charged with family abuse. I needed the money. I am now a mercenary. Which reminds me that I need to give him my time sheet on that case.

Did you ever wonder, if you disappeared off of the face of the Earth, would anyone notice? Well, I disappeared off of the face of Diaryland, and one-two-three-four people noticed. Thanks for writing to me.

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