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May 17, 2003 - 10:39 p.m.

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I've been recovering from mental exhaustion.

I turned in my last paper on Wednesday. I had been working on that one for five days straight, almost all day every day. It felt good to unload that monster.

Oh, and in that paper, I solved the entire social problem of violence against women. I expect a Nobel prize any day now.

Either that, or my professor will file the paper away, never to be read again. One or the other.

I slept until noon on Thursday. I was so tired from all that thinking and writing.

On Thursday I got a new computer. My old computer coughed and weezed daily with programs that were too big for it to run. I notice that every upgrade of Windows gets progressively more annoying. Windows XP seems to be a conduit for telemarketing. Every ten minutes, whatever I'm doing is interrupted with a bubble telling me I should download this software or that. My own damn computer is telemarketing me.

Here are some scary statistics. I had my old computer for six years. I played 17,226 games of Free Cell. That comes to close to approximately 8 games of Free Cell per day. If I estimate 2 minutes per game of Free Cell, then I have spent approximately 1% of my life (over the last six years) playing Free Cell.

Friday, I slept until noon. Still exhausted. I did decide to do something productive though, and the one productive thing I did on Friday was making dinner for my mother. My father was going out of town for a funeral home viewing, and I knew my mother would want to order pizza or something, and I didn't feel like that. I didn't tell her that I was going to make dinner for her, because she would have forbidden me to do so, because preparing food is just one of those things that I'm not allowed to do.

I made curry and parsley chicken, and broccoli in butter and lemon sauce. And it was good, and mom conceded that it was good. She kept asking me though what "mix" I used- she couldn't understand that I bought the ingredients and prepared the stuff myself.

By the way, there were spices in the house's spice shelf that must be twenty years old. There were containers that I recognized from when I was a kid. They were still filled to the same level at which they were filled when I was a kid. So on Friday also I started the process of updating the kitchen.

Knowing that mom thinks a clean kitchen is more important than eating, I made sure to clean the kitchen up after cooking. Of course, as one would predict with mom's cleanliness compulsion, she re-cleaned the kitchen this morning.

I got up much earlier today, an early 11 a.m. I think I'm finally starting to recover from mental exhaustion. I should be well enough to start having original thoughts my Monday.

Monday, nothing, Tuesday, nothing
Wednesday and Thursday, nothing
Friday for a change a little more nothing
Saturday, once more nothing
- "Nothing" by the Fugs

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