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April 20, 2003 - 9:15 p.m.

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I hate Sundays, especially Sunday nights. It seems like all I do is count down the minutes until I have to go to bed to get up in the morning to go to work, and fret. Again I had an almost entirely non-productive weekend, though I did get a little of my school work done.

Today was halfway over before I even realized that it's Easter. I found out because I had a meal with my family, and they informed me.

I'm not much for holidays anyway. I don't really celebrate things, or mark time over years. I really don't like office birthday celebrations, at least when they are mine. That means at some point my work will be interrupted, and I won't eat the chocolate cake that someone in the office ordered for my birthday, which will offend everyone but the reason I won't eat it is that I'm allergic to chocolate. Though worse is when, after telling them that I'm allergic to chocolate, at every other birthday in the office thereafter, there will be a chocolate cake and then someone will get something special that Daily Me can eat. I don't like being singled out, and I don't like anyone doing something especially for me.

So it's Sunday night, and I have to decide how to deal with it. The responsible thing to do would be to go to bed in an hour so I'll be awake Monday morning. But that's almost like going to work in two hours, with an hour before sleeping and then leaving for work an hour after getting up. So I could stay up late, and that will have the effect of putting off work an extra three or four hours, but then I'll be really tired and I won't enjoy the extra time anyway because I'll be fretting about it being Sunday night and I have to work soon.

The good news it that work shouldn't be too stressful tomorrow morning. Dean Wormer (the chosen fake name for my boss) and Neidermeyer (the chosen fake name for his right-hand person) will be in court tomorrow, which means that they won't be in the office trying to talk me out of quitting. It also means that I will have nothing to do, because I don't have any cases. Dean Wormer is supposed to give me assignments to do from his cases, but that would require him to spend about five minutes doing some advance planning, and that isn't something he has down yet. So I'll bring a book. The downside is that I don't get paid unless I'm getting billable hours, but at this point, I'd rather have the reading time for my school work than my small cut of what clients are billed for my time.

I still hate Sunday nights. One hour until I have to go to sleep. Two hours until leaving for work. Geez.

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